Unit Pack: Available In 100ml, 250ml, 500ml ,1 litre Packing.


  • Caliber is an excellent organic fungicide having systemic & contact action.
  • It is a combination of Polysaccharide, Bio-Silicate, Seaweed extract, Phosphorous & Potassium.
  • Usage of this product helps the plant to develop internal strength & exhibit extended tolerance against various diseases such as Powdery mildew, Downy mildew, Canker, Root rot, Stem rot, Leaf spot, Scab.
  • It also gives effective control against Paddy Blast and Sheath Blight.
  • Besides, it also has an additional ability of stimulating plant growth (root, stem, sprouting and development of leaf lamina).
  • Feature and benefits
    1) Protective and curative action.
    2) Environment friendly.
    3) Healthy plant growth and yield.

Caliber is recommended in all crops like Cotton, Oil Seeds, Pulses, Fruit Crops, Vegetables and Floriculture Crops.

Sr No. Dose
1 300 to 400 ml in 100 litre of water.
As per atmospheric changes & advent of pathogenic diseases, take one or two sprays within 8 to 12 days interval.
2 s

Note: The above results/benefits are based on trial observation conducted at our research farms and farmers fields.

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