Unit Pack: Available In 1Kg,5 Kg,10Kg,25 Kg Packing.


  • Fast is a combination of Ferrous, Nitrogen and Sulphur .
  • Better use Ferrous Ammonium Sulphate rather than Ferrous Sulphate to overcome the deficiency of Iron because when Ferrous Sulphate comes in contact with the oxygen in the atmosphere, 50 to 60% of its Ferrous content become insoluble, which decrease its availability to plants.
  • But Fast provides Ferrous in the form of Fe++ which can be stored for long period for continuous supply of Iron to all plants.

Fast is recommended through soil application for all crops.

Sr No. Dose
1 25 kg per hectare(10 kg per acre).

Note: The above results/benefits are based on trial observation conducted at our research farms and farmers fields.

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