Unit Pack: Available In 100ml, 250ml, 500ml ,1 litre Packing.


  • Torment is an eco-friendly product, free of hazardous chemicals. Its composition is based on natural mineral in polymer adjutants.
  • Torment works effectively on small sucking insects like Whitefly, Aphids, Thrips, Jassid, Mites, Leaf miner, Citrus Psyllid, Mealy bug etc. The contact action of Torment immobilizes the insect and help in safeguarding the crops from above mentioned insects damage.
  • The foliar spray of Torment inhibits the feeding ability of sucking insects by forming a fine film on their body which causes the starvation of small insect. Since the action is physical, the insect does not develop resistance against Torment.
  • In heavy insect population, 2 application of Torment in 8 to 10 days interval, are necessary for better results.
  • Torment is a residue free product.

Torment is recommended on Cotton, Oil Seeds, Pulses,Vegetables,Fruit Crops and Floriculture .
Note: 1) As soon as the insect attack is observed, Torment must be sprayed on upper and lower side of leaf for better coverage and results.
2) Do not use with any insecticide and fungicide.
3) No need to add any Sticker or Spreader.

Sr No. Dose
1 125 to 150 ml in 100 litre of water.

Note: The above results/benefits are based on trial observation conducted at our research farms and farmers fields.

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