Unit Pack: Available In 250ml,500ml,1litre,5litre,20litre Packing.


  • Calmagni is a liquid formulation which fulfills the need of Calcium, Magnesium, Nitrogen for crops thereby helping to recover deficiency.
  • The different roles of three nutrients help in formation of Chlorophyll, Protein, Oil, Cell Wall and Cell division.
  • The synergistic effect of these three nutrients also helps to reduce the toxic effect of pesticides, herbicides in various crops.
  • First spray is recommended at the time of first bud initiation or emergences of panicle & awn, second and third spray within fifteen days interval after first spray - according to crop duration.
  • Calmagni can be used through Drip Irrigation also.

Calmagni is recommended for Cotton, Vegetables, Cereals, Oil Seeds and Fruit Crops.

Sr No. Dose
1 300-400 ml in 100 lit of water through foliar application.
2 20-25 lit per Hectare(8-10 lit per acre) in split doses through drip irrigation.
Note : Please add Maxibor with Calmagni for best result.

Note: The above results/benefits are based on trial observation conducted at our research farms and farmers fields.

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