Our Mission

harti, a Seed and Plant Health Company, is an extended arm of Ankur Seeds Pvt. Ltd. Nagpur, which is one of the leading seed companies in India. The unit was envisioned in the year 1998 with activities of manufacturing and formulating various Macro-nutrients and Micro-nutrients based products (compatible with chemical pesticides).

ts creations exhibit a broad spectrum of formulations falling under the categories of Biostimulants, Nutrient based liquid fertilizers, Eco-friendly Biopest controllers, Contact & Systemic Biofungicides, Herbal based insect controllers, Pathogenic disease controllers, Soil moisture retainers & regulators, Natural dropping controllers, Growth & Yield boosters, Zyme based products, Chelated micronutrients, Humic based products, Biotic & Abiotic stress releasers, Multinutrient based products to release weedicide stress, etc.

'धरती - अब बीज मे भी'

ecently, Dharti has come up with seed products covering various Vegetable crops, Field crops & Fodder crops. Extensive trials are carried out in several multi-location fields for all products which are tried & tested every season in order to ensure delivering of safe & beneficial products to farmers.

Our Vision

‘धरती एक नई सोच’

"NUTRITUOUS PRODUCE FOR HEALTHY LIFE" – by unlocking genetic potential

rop yields for major Indian crops have gone from increasing year after year to plateauing in most of the states. There are two major reasons: First is wrong selection of seed varieties and/or seeds with low genetic potential and second is unscientific use of plant nutrition. Besides unpredictable/changing climatic conditions and improper crop management practices has worsen the soil and plant health.

armer has to use right seed and crop management techniques to control the situation. As Integrated Nutrient Management is the key for Quality produce, we at Dharti are committed to provide the farmer community a unique & composite package of genetically high potential seeds with appropriate scheduling & guidance of nutrient management & disease management, which ultimately will enable farmers to tap the potential & acquire maximum gain.